Walnut 316

Overall Thickness: 13/16″

Width: 10.5”

Wear Layer: 6mm

Lengths: 4’ – 10’ with majority 7’ – 10’

Surface Texture: Shrunk [foot worn appearance with protruding knots and grain, face varies in thickness with some over wood]

Sheen & Finish: Satin Hardwax oil

Color Variation: Low

Sap Allowance: 1%



Glued Installation: Recommended

Nail Installation: Not preferred, but an occasional nail can be used in conjunction of glue down method when over plywood only.

Floating Installation: Not allowed

Wood Species: Walnut

Type: Engineered

Grade: Rustic Manor Mix Grade [frequent knots and character markings approx. every 12” and with knots up to 4” allowed, will contain surface cracks up to 1/8”, no length restriction on cracks, open knots and cracks that show the substrate will be filled, and all other knots and cracks will be left open unless specified]