APEX offers various maintenance programs for your wood floors. Services in this sector include deep cleaning, re-coating of an existing site finished floor, waxing and buffing an existing floor and maintenance of different Hardwax oil finishes.

Deep Clean Service

Allow Apex to do the work and revitalize your hardwood floors with our annual, bi-annual, or quarterly Deep Cleaning Service offerings.

$1,760 – $1,920/Day and half-day options available based on scope.

Wax or Hardwax Oil Services

Apex Wood Floors performs complete cleaning and maintenance to Wax or Hardwax Oil finished floors. Never let floors get worn down to the stain or the raw wood.

$1,760 – $1,920/Day and half-day options available based on scope.

Re-coating Services

Don’t wait until the finish has worn off or dirt and spills penetrate the wood. Apex Wood Floors performs complete re-coating with our Screen and Coat process when the floor looks dry and is showing signs of wear.

$2.50 / ft2 (*minimum 500 ft2)

Refinishing Services

Reinvigorate your hardwood floors with Apex’s Refinishing Services. Bring your floors back to their original beauty or give them a new look to match your style.

Pricing based on project size, scope and location. Contact Apex Wood Floors for an in-home estimate.