Trade Specifications

Character Walnut

ProvideĀ¾”x4″,5″,6″,7″&8″Live sawn White Oak hardwood flooring. All material to be 6′-12′ in length.

At our shop: seal the undersides of the boards, fill the knot holes to desired degree, hand scrape, hand bevel, aniline dye, stain and burnish in one coat of oil. The scrape, bevel and color will be determined by Apex providing samples.

Install the floor in a random pattern, laid straight, by full trowel gluing with a polyurethane adhesive and by blind nailing down to the subfloor.

At the proper time in the project: Detail the floors and burnish in one more coat of oil to: the master bedroom with closet, the foyer with closet, the walkway, the dining room, the family room, the kitchen (no cabinets), the breakfast area, the upstairs hallway with alcove and the powder room.