How does humidity affect hardwood floors?

Humidity can greatly impact your wood floors. Learn more about humidity requirement for your
household here.

What is the best way to clean my hardwood floors?

See Apex Cleaning Best Practices here.

How does sunlight affect my wood floor?

All wood is photosensitive and different species and finishes will react differently to sunlight.

Having UV protection on your windows is going to help with the sun exposure. Depending on the finishing process your floors have they will react differently to air and light.



Should I expect my hardwood floors to have color variance?

Yes, depending on the species, texture, finishing process and grade, you can expect a color variance.

What is the difference between prefinished wood versus unfinished wood?

Prefinished Collections:

  • Non-toxic and highly durable, factory applied finishes also tend to be highly transparent, which allows to preserve the look of natural wood texture and depth of color to the maximum.
  • No odor with installation and no dry time before floors can be walked on.
  • If damage/scratches occur after installation; individual boards can be replaced. No need to refinish the entire area.
  • Wider widths available on an engineered platform for stability and the same wear layer as a solid floor. Ability to refinish in the future.
  • Our prefinished hardwood floors have an overall 1/16” micro bevel.
  • Lead time to produce the custom color, texture and finish is 8 weeks +

Site Finished Flooring:

  • Narrow widths in unfinished hardwood is more readily available.
  • Beveled edges.
  • Custom color capability.
  • Solid and engineered hardwood available.
  • If damage/scratches occur after installation; the entire area surrounding damaged would need to be refinished due to urethane top coat of finish.
  • Extended time on a project; installation crew first and the finishing crew to follow.
  • Dry time of floor is 24–48 hours; must be traffic free.
  • Odor with stains and finish
What is the difference between herringbone and chevron? What are the different degrees that herringbone and chevron can come in?

Chevron is available at 45 and 60 degree angle.

Herringbone planks are cut at a 90 degree angle


What different lengths and widths that the artisan collection can come in? As well as the BH collection?

Artisan Collection:

  • Lengths: 70% 6’-10’ & 30% 3’-6’
  • Widths: 3.5”, 5”, 7.5”, 9.5”, 11-12”
  • Thickness: 5/8” & 3/4”
  • Grade: Select or Natural

BH European Oak:

  • Lengths: 85% 5’-9’ & 15% 3’-5’
  • Widths: 7” or 8-5/8”
  • Thickness: 5/8” & 3/4”
  • Grade: Classic or Prime

BH French Oak:

  • Lengths: 4′-14′ in length with 85% 11’-14’
  • Widths: 10.5”, 13.5” & wider
  • Thickness: 13/16” or 7/8”
  • Grade: Prime, Light Rustic & Rustic

BH Walnut:

  • Lengths: 2′-12’ with 85% 6′ and greater
  • Widths: 7”, 10.5”, 13.5” & wider
  • Thickness: 13/16” or 7/8”
  • Grade: Select, Rustic & Light Rustic



What is the expected lead time for your product?

8-12 weeks for Artisan, 10-14 weeks for BH.

*Subject to change based on material and freight*

What types of packages do you offer versus your typical services? Ie: Maintenance package, install package, etc.
  • We offer refinishing of existing hardwood floors and through Apex Lab; our custom color process we can confidently match your existing floors.
  • We offer Maintenance packages for existing wood floors for oiling, waxing and recoating.
  • We install new unfinished wood floors and site finish in the field, as well as custom boutique prefinished lines through our BH and Artisan Collections.
  • Our experienced shop can customize your floors to fit your vision. We specialize in patterns, custom finishing, and alternative wood placements for your project including ceilings, walls and beams.
What add ons do you have in addition to hardwood floors? Ie: Demo, vents, etc.

We also offer necessary demo removal for existing materials; all aspects of subfloors and sound attenuation needs as well as trim work.